segunda-feira, fevereiro 28, 2011

oh this love, this love that kills.

Desculpem se isto hoje está longo demais, mas não podia deixar de colocar aquilo um excerto do que acabei de ler. Escrito pelo maravilhoso MichaelK em, acerca dos dois apresentados dos Oscars. MK não existe, a sério, bom demais. Ora vejam:

But about the hosts... Anne Hathaway is that annoying girl in drama class who takes the "invisible ball" exercise way too seriously, calls the theater teacher by their first name, chants "UN-IQUE NEW YORK" in the hallways and cries when you say that you thought Mary Poppins was dumb and boring. Anne is like Lea Michele's Glee character on Dexatrim and uppers that give you a manufactured form of peppiness. Annoying as fuck, but at least the ho tried. James Franco on the other hand....

James punched out his invisible time card about 20 minutes after the show began. I understand that James was beyond over it. But he could've freebased some of that Charlie Sheen drug backstage, jumped off the script and blurted out his own shit. James is this generation's (fill in the name of every literary legend here) so he has it in him (or not). But instead, James mumbled out whatever was written on the teleprompter while his sad eyes stayed sad. Bitch was like a junkie reading out the rules of rehab on his first day of treatment. James can't always rely on his ass cheeks to entertain. Did I just type that out loud?