domingo, outubro 12, 2008

I can be cheerful too.

I can. Trust.

I am only waiting for my moment to come.
For my movie to begin, you see.

And until then ... I'll stick around.
Like I always do.

With no complaints, all smiles.
Like you want me to.

So I am cheerful today. And will be tomorrow.
Just like you want me to.

It's not bad thing, I don't think. It's simply me on the wait.

I learned it the hard way, but I learned it anyway.
Cause I can be patient too. Trust.

Am pretty much a master in this matter, you know.
I have been doing research for years, have been practising my ass off.
Culminating just to be this well taught little cheerful doll.

Exactly like you want me to be.

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