sábado, setembro 13, 2008


Here's to all you've got left
& here's to what you think it's best.

i hope what you are looking to find
will be, what you really desire

only you can hold yourself back
you're so far, but only you can break your heart

i heard you are under the rain
looking back ...

but i heard, only you will break your heart
it's a quiet rush

you can just, just stand up
& let them hear you out

stand up
it's a shame if you never get out

you're so far
& who's gonna break your heart

Can't you see how hard it is waiting

but if change is so hard then how come
you are changing

let us change
& see how hard it was faking

it's this quiet rush
yet the loudest noise

I'm reaching for you.
Take what's wrong with me & tear it all out

Tell me, just tell me

is the sky down?
are we not around?
where was it that we lost it?

you did me wrong
& one day you will find out
that it's me ..it 's me

I did you wrong
but one day I will find out
that's it's you, it was always you.

Here's to all I've got left
& here's to all I think it's best.

i hope what i'm looking for, will be
what i really desire.

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