quinta-feira, março 13, 2008

Two years.

It's been a long time.
I probably forgot my password or had nothing to say. Or both.

But I am back at this.

My life changed so deeply that I felt writting would be the best for me now.
An exercise. A brain exercise perhaps, which is much needed in this numb days of mine.

I've had this flu for exactly 17 days now. It's not normal, I know.
I will take care of it. Soon.

Worst thing though ...is not feeling. Since January.
what a weird start of the year for me it was.
I felt life changed, without moving. Quietly, everything is different.
My approach is not the same. My view is not the same.

Maybe it was all on the inside.
Maybe I am getting older, hee.

Or maybe nothing changed & in fact all I need is to face responsabilities & learn how to be an adult.
Thing is, I refuse to do so.

I'll think about this. Soon.

In the meantime, I am taking pictures. Like, daily.
& falling in love with some books & some music.

And learning how to love, again, the ones I am almost losing inside of myself.
& mostly learning. Everyday.

Stay with the moon & in the moon.
I am there all the time.

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