terça-feira, novembro 07, 2006

I've been thinking...

......all day, and i really feel that now my head is about to explode. The more I think the less peace I find, that's what always happens to me. And today was no diferent.

My inner peace latelly comes from listening to an album called Vidalia, by a band called Papercranes. There's this music, Sky is down, I can't quite get it out of my mind. I love that one, love love love. The lead singer is called Rain Phoenix, and she has this beautifull and mysterious voice. Yes I think everyone should buy their album. The music is melodic, the voice is excelent and the lyrics are intense. They've done a very good job there. I also think I should be their PR, cause I am good at promoting them, especially among my friends. Hope I can see them on concert one day.

Hmmmm, about the exploding head.... I am also reading The Idiot by Dostoievski, so I would not exclude that it can also come from that.

I took a couple of pictures today, the sky was helping, so they came out very good. My foot is also much better, no pain and no painkillers anymore. So even though most things are still a mess and out of place in my life, I can say I am happy. Yes, think I can say that.

Hot chocolate, anyone?

My bed is calling me now.....I can hear it.

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