sexta-feira, novembro 03, 2006


So, I'm starting today.
Like many of you I finally gave in and I am joining the blogland.
& I'm afraid I might be here to stay.
I've decided to start this partly because I love to write, but the main reason is because I love to talk.
And even though I know there's many people around me willing to listen, I like talking to myself.
And love writing to myself.
So it scares me a bit that my thoughts will now be shared with others, assuming someone will even bother to read this thing. Hee.
I am not exactly sure where this will take nor have the slightest idea of what will I write about.
but I will.
am not an expert on anything in particular, like many.
I've seen brilliant blogs about politics, art, cuisine, travelling & so many other things.
think I'll probably end up just talking about my life.
My daily frustrations & joys.
My pictures, wishes & dreams.
And probably bore people to dead. Still, I will do it for myself.

It was about damn time I would be able to something for me.

So be bored, fall asleep while I type. But I will.


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